Foam-N-Soft Wash

  • Vehicle sizing for a precision wash
  • Bug-B-Gone insect remover
  • High Pressure Undercarriage Spray
  • Triple Foam Conditioner
  • Wheel & Rim Blaster
  • Dryer
  Foam-N-Soft Prices


  Our two Touch Free Ottermatic bays measure the wash to your vehicle. They can wash a Mini Cooper or full size van staying within eighteen inches of your vehicle. The result is a superior wash every time.

High pressure Undercarriage
Our Ultimate wash begins with a high pressure cleaning of the undercarriage. This removes dirt and salt deposits clinging to the frame and underbody.

Two Step Presoak Cleaning
Our first pass is a low Ph cleaner that targets dirt and grime on your windshield chrome and bumpers. This is followed by a second pass of High Ph cleaner that breaks up road film and oils built up on the vehicles' paint. The application of the low then high Ph products produces a superior clean every time. The OTTERWASH uses colored presoaks so you know a different product is being applied each pass.

Bottom Blast/Tri Foam
The next pass delivers a high pressure cleaning pass that concentrates on the rocker panels and areas that get caked with extra stubborn road dirt. Along with this pass is our Tri Color conditioning foam. Your vehicle is coated with a rainbow of colored polish that's fun to watch and smells great as well.