1) Meter Boxes accept quarters, dollar coins, tokens, $1.00 & $5.00 bills. The time display must read 4:00 to start the wash. We offer a token special of 25 $1.00 tokens for $20.00. These are available at our vending machine at the south end of the building. Tokens are also good at vacuums displaying the dollar decals. Change is available at the south wall.

2) If washing rubber floor mats, remove them and hang them on the wall clips provided.

3) If it summer and the car is hot, use the rinse function to spray and cool the surface so as not to bake the soap onto the paint. If temperatures are OK then switch to tire cleaner and spray both your tires and rubber mats leaving them to soak. (please note that it takes approximately 10 seconds for product to switch and reach the bay).

4) Start with PRE-SOAK. Spray the car starting at the front and work your way around the car. Spray from the bottom up to the top of the car and be sure to coat problem bug areas such as the grill and hood.

5) Foam Brush may be used at this point to loosen problem dirt and film if desired. Please be sure to rinse off the brush with high pressure rinse before using on your car. This removes any debris from previous users.

6) High Pressure Soap is next. Starting with your tires and wheel wells work your way back around the car washing the front last. If you are washing floor mats use soap on them at this time.

7) Rinse the car from top to bottom. Be sure to spray out gutter and molding areas and door and hood seams to clear the car of all cleaning agents.

8) Wax or Triple Foam will protect your paint and make subsequent cleanings faster and easier.

9) Rinse all wax from the vehicle.

10) Spot Free Rinse. This is reverse osmosis filtered water that will leave no residue on your car and leave a show room shine.

11) Try our new hand held blow dryer to remove water left in moldings and on glass

12) To complete your cleaning a full compliment of detailing supplies are available in the rear of the building. Vacuums, carpet shampoo and fragrance machines are located in both front and rear of the building for your convenience.