The OTTERWASH is the only wash to offer you fresh pure drinking water dispensed in your container for a mere twenty five cents per gallon or 5 gallons for $1.00.

The PURE VEND Dispenser takes fresh municipal water and filters it through an active carbon filtering and then through a reverse osmosis process to remove dissolved solids such as salts, mercury, lead and pesticides.

To further purify this high quality water it is exposed to ultraviolet light. This process offers you a great source of freshly bottled water at a price that isn’t matched anywhere.

Our Pure Vend Dispenser accommodates both one and five gallon containers.


Keep your containers fresh and clean:

It is wise to sanitize your containers and keep them fresh and reusable. Occasionally place a few drops of bleach into your container and then fill with tap water. Swirl the solution in the container and then discard the water after letting it stand for 3 to five minutes.  Rinse the container well. Dry and seal until the next use.